Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blake Ferguson Is A Fuckwit.

I first heard about the Blake Ferguson saga from my dad. He was checking out the sports pages of the Herald and mentioned, "hey, isn't he one of your guys?" I grabbed the article once I read the headline and started cursing in my head.

Fuck. No. This can't be happening.

One of our club's most talented young stars is walking out on us? No.

Once the anger at the situation itself abated, I pretty much turned my rage on Flaky Blake. And that's pretty much where it's stayed.

Look, I'm not so pissed about him leaving. In the modern ultra professional game, players come and players go. While it sucks to see a guy as talented as him leave, shit happens. The days of the one-club player are all but dead.

No, what pisses me off the most is that he took this opportunity to call out the club and his teammates.

Flaky Blake claims that he "just wants to win" and that the "uncertainty" around the club or some shit like that means that he doesn't think he can.

He also points out that the club hasn't been travelling well this year. No shit, you say. Well, Flake, guess what? YOU WERE PART OF THAT FUCKING TEAM!

It's not like you've been setting the world on fire this past year. In fact, after bursting on the scene like he did, I'd say you've definitely had a case of the second year slumpsies up to now - not as bad as Daniel Mortimer, yeah, but a case for sure.

Maybe if you had run straight instead of across field a bit more and used your speed and strength, we'd've done a bit better?

OK, it's a bit harsh to blame Flake alone for the club's on-field woes the past year. Nonetheless, as one of the supposed "future stars" of the team, maybe he should have taken it upon himself to play a greater role? He whinged about being made to play on the wing and not getting opportunities to show his ability as a creator as opposed to just a finisher. Yet in this day and age, the winger doesn't have to just sit on the sideline and wait for the ball. I haven't seen him take the initiative to go looking for action, or getting his arse into dummy half and running frequently, or even doing much with the ball other than aimlessly jogging across field when he has it this season.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that as a devoted Sharks fan, what Flake has done to the club is pretty much unforgivable. We, the fans, pay his salary. He runs out onto the field with twelve other guys who expect each other to run through a wall for them.

How do you think guys like Gallen and Dougie, who have and will continue to spill blood for the black, white and blue jersey, felt when they heard the news? What about the other young blokes in the team like Isaac Gordon and Nathan Gardner? Do any of them still believe Blake.I.Am (cause Fergie was too easy) has their back?

More importantly, why did he do this?

Basically, I'm getting the impression that Flaky Blake has gotten a bit too big for his boots over the past year.

Stuff like being selected to the Indigenous All Stars team and being named (admittedly by a fool like Phil Rothfield) as one of the 50 best players in league has obviously pumped up his ego a bit and started making him think he's hot shit when he's not there yet.

I imagine he may have come in this season thinking it was gonna be a cakewalk, and when it wasn't, he looked for an excuse to bail. Ricky Stuart leaving gave him said excuse on a platter.

Anyway, what's done is done and fuck him for it. I'd like to see him joining Cuthbertson on the Como Crocs for the rest of the season, but since Stuart is his biggest dick rider it ain't happening.

Good night, good luck, and up up Cronulla!

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